Bounce House Rentals in Fountain Valley

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Spiderman Bounce House Combo Delivered to Costa Mesa
March 22, 2018
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Bounce House Rentals in Fountain Valley


fun_party_ideasBounce House Rentals in Fountain Valley

When I think of bounce house rentals in Fountain Valley the first company that comes to mind is orange county jumpers. The owner Tim Peters lives in Fountain Valley and has been a strong part of the community for many years. The owner of Orange County jumpers has coached little league teams, football teams at Shoreline Baptist and Boys of Fall Football. Not only that he was a youth pastor for 18 years at The First United Methodist Church of Fountain Valley. We also deliver to 92646, 92647, 92648 92649. We also have a where house in Westminster 92683.  You can find them on the web at

Since Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach are so close you can always get a great deal on a bounce house or jumper. Often times they do specials during Easter, Spring Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas where you can four days for the price of one on Combo Jumpers. A combo jumper is a bounce house with a jumping area and a slide. The backyard combo is the most popular combo bounce house. It’s 15 x 17 and so it fits in most yards in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley. You can also set up a jumper in the driveway, as long as the driveway is not too slanted.

Fountain Valley 92708

We love going to Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach with our jumpers because its so close for us. That means we can usually delivery the jumper early. Kids love to be able to jumper all day. You should see the look on kids’ faces when you show up with a clean, safe bounce house. They go crazy with excitement. The jumpers allow mom and dad to do their thing while the kids are jumping. A bounce house will keep the kids busy all day. When they are done jumping they are usually ready for bed because they jumped out all their energy.

We have delivered to may schools and churches and little leagues in the City of Fountain Valley. We have all the insurance required to do the parks and schools in your area. The insurance is expensive for us, but we want you to jump and bounce easy knowing you are protected. Many companies choose not to carry the insurance because it’s way to expensive. That like driving a car with no insurance. Not a good idea. You might save some money now, but you could end up paying a lot more latter.

Dunk Tanks

One of the favorite items for the schools to rent is the dunk tanks. Huntington Seacliff Elementary, S.A. Moffett Elementary, Ralph E. Haws Elementary, Newland Elementary, John H Eader Elementary, Circle View Elementary, and Mesa View Elementary are all on our approved vendors list. We have all the insurance required to be able to serve these schools. We also serve all the schools in Fountain Valley. Fulton Middle School, Plavan Elementary, Ethan B Allen Elementary, Courreges Elementary, Masuda Middle School, Tamura Elementary, Cox Elementary, Gisler Elementary, Vista View Middle School and Mamie L Nortcutt Elementary School. The kids love the chance to try and dunk there teacher, principle and other adults. Our Dunk tank has a glass in the front so you can see all the action.

The elementary schools usually do not allow regular bounce house because of the liability concerns. However, they do get obstacles courses, slides and other units that don’t have jumping areas. We have some really cool interactives like our shooting stars basketball game. We also have a skee ball, football challenge, sumo suits, Dunk Tank, and speed pitch.

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