Spiderman Bounce House Combo Delivered to Costa Mesa

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Spiderman Bounce House Combo Delivered to Costa Mesa

bounce house in costa mesa

Spiderman Combo Bounce House in Costa Mesa

Stephanie, one our many return customers called about getting a Spiderman bounce house for her son’s birthday party. She was inquiring about a bounce house in Costa Mesa. Her son is turning 4. I find that bounce houses are great for kids 2-12. For about two years after 12 kids don’t want to rent them. Around the age of 15 bouncing becomes cool again. Older kids like interactive units like our Bungee Joust Combo, Sumo Suits, and obstacles courses. It was going in her backyard and there was a bit of a challenge in regards to space. She wanted a jumper with a slide, but our Large Combo with Spiderman was not going to fit. So she ordered the 13 x 13 Spiderman Jumper.

Since I really wanted her son’s party to be a huge success I invested in a Spiderman art panel that would fit our backyard combo jumper. This jumper is 15 x 17 ft and can fit into backyards that are a little smaller than usual. Our backyard combo is compact but it still has a great slide, jumping area, climbing ramp and a basketball hoop. With all these great features her son was sure to have a great time bouncing on our jumper. This jumper is perfect for a party that has 10-15 kids. Since she rented mid-week I was able to give her a special price. If she had more room and more kids I would have suggestion the Deluxe 5 in 1 combo jumper. It has our largest and steepest slide. The Deluxe 5 in 1 jumper is 19 x 20. We also have the Compact 6 in 1 moon bounce. This has all the same features plus and tunnel and a ton of obstacles. It functions much like an obstacle course. My kids have also told me that this combo is one of their favorites, including that they love to play tag in the jumper. Now the boys, they love to slam dunk on the basketball hoop.

Costa Mesa Close

Our Bounce House warehouse is located in Huntington Beach in Orange County. Since her house is in Costa Mesa she was very close and I was able to set up the jumper in the morning. I offered to let her keep it overnight since we were going to be in La Dera Ranch the following day and would be going by her house and several other cities like Santa Ana, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, and Mission Viejo. She was stoked because her son was going to be able to get in some extra jumping time. I’m always in favor of more jumping and less time on the video games. My son has been playing so much Fort Nite recently that he is getting a little pudgy. I would rather he was burning calories bouncing and jumping than sitting on the couch. Play Station and Xbox is great, but I can only handle so much at one time for my kids. During spring recess and Easter vacation we offer a 4 day for the price of one all on our combo bounce houses. We deliver on Monday and pick up on Thursday.

I called Stephanie in the morning to let her know I was on my way. When I have several bounce houses to deliver I text all my customers in the morning to give them an eta. That way if they live in San Clemente and I know there are going to be last I will let them know I will be there 11:00-12:00 for instance. That way they can go and run some errands in the morning rather than sit there waiting for me to come. People really appreciate when I give them this extra time so they can get things done for the party, rather than sitting around waiting for me to come. Also, sometimes people forget who they rented from and this way I give them a text in the morning and they don’t have to worry if their jumper is really coming or not. When I’m done with the house in Mission Viejo I will call them and let them know I’m on my way to their house. So, they get a text and a phone call.

New Clean Jumper

All of our backyard comb’s have been purchased in the last year so they are all really nice. We try to keep our inventory in great condition. If a jumper gets to old we will retire it. Usually we will sell it to one of our competitors like jump for fun who does not have the same quality standards that we have. We want to earn your business and we belief you can trust us to bring you a clean, quality jumper that is on time. We have been in business longer than companies like Oc Jumper Guy, Joey Jumpers, All Star Jumpers, Jump O Rama, Jump to the Stars, and so we know what we are doing and stay competitive. We also have a new basketball toss, Football Challenge, Skee Ball, and Hula Hoop Toss game. You can add any of these games to your jumper for only $129 if they are available. Click here for more information on how we clean our jumpers.

When I set up Stephanie’s Jumper I wiped in down and then got inside to wipe down all the places the kids would be going. You would be surprised at some of the items left in a jumper. From socks to dollies and most commonly balls. We want our bounce houses to be clean so your child won’t get sick from someone else’s germs. We vacuum out the jumper on delivery as well. After she was satisfied with the placement I staked the bounce house down. On a normal day we stake down two corners, on a windy day we will use huge stakes and stake down all 4 sides of the bounce house. Your child’s safety is our number one concern. We are fully insured if there ever is an issue. Many companies do not carry liability insurance so if someone gets hurt there is nothing to fall back on. You might save a view bucks with a jumper from Craigslist, but will it be worth it if the jumper does not show up or worse yet someone gets hurt and there is no insurance to get your back. We want your party to go great so you will call us back again and again.

Check out some of our other customer stories at Huntington Beach Combo Jumpers and a recent super slide in Garden Grove. If you need a bounce house in Costa Mesa or pretty much anywhere else in Southern California please give us a call right away, we don’t disappoint!

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