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February 28, 2018
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Huntington Beach Combo Jumpers

Star Wars Huntington Beach Combo Jumper

Huntington Beach Combo Jumpers

We wanted to delivery the best Huntington Beach Combo Jumpers, and this weekend we got the chance with this huge Star Wars themed combo jumper.

Huntington Beach Combo Jumpers
Since Star Wars came out to the theater in Dec we have been renting lots of Star Wars bounce houses. Our themed Star Wars art panel does not have Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, the evil Lord Darthvader, Kilo Ren and other characters on it. Rather our Star wars jumper has all the great ships. The Star Destroyers, Tie Fighters and X-wings. While the characters from Star Wars come and go I find that the ships are timeless. I found the latest Star Wars movie to be a lot of fun. It’s interesting that all the characters in star wars that are dead in the movie are alive in real life, but Princess Leah who is still alive in the movie is dead in real life.

Why Get a Combo Jumper

Our client had ordered a pink dream combo jumper. This bounce house has a slide, basketball hoop and a climbing ramp. It’s a really cool design because is built to fit in a space that a normal jumper will fit into. So, people who do not have a lot of space can fit a jumper with a slide as well. If you can afford a jumper with a slide its always the way to go. Not only will kids jump, but they will also play tag and run through the jumper. This one has the slide up on the platform so the kids never have to get off the jumper. A standard jumper is a great way to keep the price down, but if you can afford the slide the kids will more the double their pleasure. The basket ball hoop is fun because kids can spring off the jumper and dunk the ball. We don’t provide balls, but almost anything will work. A soccer ball or nerf ball works the best.

Chairs to the Rescue

We had already brought the jumper when she mentioned she need some chairs as well. Since she lived in Huntington Beach and was close to our house my wife decided to bring them for her. We life in fountain valley. Normally it’s important to add tables and chairs before we come. My wife is really big on customer service and so she wanted to help this lady out. The cool thing was that we got to the see the jumper already set up. I was proud that our driver had done a great job cleaning the bounce house and he had staked it down. We also ask that all our clients get coupons so they can hand them out to there guest. You can add tables and chairs to your jumper starting at 1.50 per chair and 8.00 for a 6-foot table. If you get your tables and chairs with the jumper you don’t have to wait for two vendors to come. This will save you time and money.

Star Wars Art Panel

The cool thing about the Star Wars art panel is that it can go on several different jumpers. We have jumpers with slides, obstacles, and basketball hoops. Our least expensive Star Wars jumper goes on a standard jumper and cost only $99. My kids love the 6 in 1 bounce house. This jumper has a slide, tunnel, obstacles, jumping area, climbing ramp and basketball hoop. When my kids get in there they will play for hours. The 4 in 1 is also really cool. It offers a larger jumping area and a slide. Whatever you choose the “Force” is sure to be with you.

Add on a Game

Orange County Jumpers now has several new inflatable games. We have a shooting stars basketball games, Skee Ball, Hula Hoop Toss, Touch Town Pass. These games start at 249.00 by themselves but you can add them with a jumper for only $199. The jumper is usually plenty for the kids to enjoys, but these added games will insure that your party is a hit. These games can make a party feel more like a carnival. Don’t just have a party, host an event.

Huntington Beach

We love delivering jumpers to Huntington Beach. We feel like its our backyard. We life in fountain valley so it right next door. We also live near Westminster, Stanton, and Costa Mesa. I like to deliver the close jumpers with my son so that we can meet our customers and show them that we are a family run business. Even if you live further away we will still take great care of you. Our routes are put together in such a fashion that we will be early for your party and not late. We have a Friday Special for Saturday jumpers. For as low as $29 we will deliver the jumper the day before so your kids can get some extra jumper time. We also like to spend more time cleaning it so you are really satisfied with your experience. Cities that are further like Newport Beach, San Clemente and Aliso Viejo can also get the jumper on Friday but the charge is usually 39-49 depending on how far way.

Many More Bounce house Themes to Choose From

Check out our full combo page here.

If you don’t want star wars for your bounce house we have many more themes to choose from. Trolls, Emoji, Ninjago, Power Rangers, Candy Land, Airplanes, Lego’s, Tonka Trucks, Construction, Unicorn, Jungle, Wonder Women, Barbie, Pokémon, Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Bubble Guppies, Dinosaurs, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Dora, Kitties and puppies, Barnyard, Curios George, Knights and Dragons, Super Mario Brothers, My Little Pony, Race Cars, Ocean, Pirates, Lua, Happy Birthday, Transformers, Paw Patrol, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Descendants, Disney Cars, Avengers, Xmen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nascar, Harry Potter, and many more. You can find all the avail themes on our webpage Look under Themed panel jumpers. We also have the officially licensed Disney Jumpers. These are really cute and your child will love to jump in them. There are themed on the front, side, and inside of the bounce house. Many people prefer these to the art panel that only goes on the top of the jumper. However the art panels are great when a licensed jumper has never been made. For instance star wars is only available in a art panel since a licensed jumper has never been made.

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