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How to clean a bounce house & why a clean jumper is important.

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Get a clean jumper for your party today. We have the cleanest bounce houses in Orange County!

While there are many ways to clean and sanitize your bounce house we take exceptional care when each jumper rental comes back into our warehouse. We’d like to say that we clean every single rental we issue no matter how short a time the rental was used. Be it chairs, tables or any of the interactive jumpers that we offer, everything get’s cleaned upon it’s return. There is an important reason for this, you are going to call us to rent a piece of party equipment to well, party with. Now we can’t say exactly how you party, but most parties are messy. Nothing is worse than calling a cut rate bounce house rental company here in the Orange County area and seeing your kid find week old moldy cake. Heard about that one from a customer once, disgusting right? So, to the point, we have the cleanest jumpers in the area because we never want a single child to have a bad experience when parties are meant to be a blast. Do yourself a favor and call us for a clean jumper for your next party.

What’s our cleaning process?

Our first step is to remove any large dirt, grass, candy wrappers etc that are visibly noticeable by our staff. When carefully vacuuming each crevice and fold of a bounce house we don’t want to clutter up the vacuum cleaner with too many large extra pieces. Secondly, we are now going to wipe down the entire unit using cleaning products that 100% sanitize every single surface. This part of the process is exceptionally key, we need to remove all of the bacteria, mold, and contagions that could have been left over by the neighborhood kids spending the weekend in a bounce house.

We make certain to clean from the farthest part of the jumper from the door to the closest so that during the initial pickup, vacuuming and then sanitizing that all extra materials are removed in a pattern that leaves our staff checking the jumpers they clean at least three times. All of our jumpers undergo a thorough inspection after each cleaning by the owner himself. We love to see people playing on happy, clean and safely setup jumpers.

Where we deliver.

You got it, we deliver jumpers everywhere in Southern California. From Anaheim all the way to Torrance, California. No drive is too far for our drivers if you are looking for a great rate on some of the cleanest jumpers around. Feel free to browse through our selection of hundreds of quality jumpers, bounce houses and more in the menu on our website. If you have a special request then don’t worry, you just became a special client to Orange County Jumpers! We love making each and every customer feel the value of their experience for years to come.

So what’s next?

Give us a call to book your next jumper rental of course. More than that though, everyone knows some kids that are having a party soon, so recommend us to your friends. At the very least you want to make certain anyone you know avoids pictures like the filthy jumper we found online from another companies not so hot reviews. We promise to provide you with an on time, quality and CLEAN experience when you next contact us. Until then, God bless, and we wish you well from our family to yours.

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